Camelback Water Bottle

Camelback Water Bottle


Camelback water bottles are a necessity for any sport or physical activity. Rehydrating often is essential to a healthy body and for peak physical performance. The Camelback allows you to conveniently and easily rehydrate anywhere from the office to the great outdoors. The Camelback water bottle also has many unique features that will make drinking water more enjoyable and convenient.

The Camelback water bottle bite valve is highly rated by both NASA and Bicycling Magazine alike. Because the bite valve has no moving parts, leaks will never be a problem. The hydro-lock shutoff system also prevents leaks by only allowing water to pass through when you switch the valve to the on position. Worrying about losing your water before you reach your destination is a thing of the past with this easily operable mechanism.

Camelback water bottles are also infused with antimicrobial compounds to prevent the buildup of bacteria and prolong the life of your water bottle. This compound is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as safe and naturally effective. Camelbacks are also free of Bisphenol A, a chemical known to be harmful to humans.

All Camelback water bottles have high-quality, tough reservoirs. All reservoirs from 2008 or later come with a lifetime warranty.  Although Camelback water bottle replacement parts are available, they should never need to be replaced. All the models in the Outlaw Camelback series are also made from super durable ballistic material that can take even the roughest treatment.

A Camelback can be taken practically anywhere. Its hands-free system allows for you to maintain your hydration levels without sacrificing time or performance. Camelback water bottles are perfect for bikers, mountain climbers, or any active person that needs to keep their hands free from cumbersome traditional bottles. Camelback insulated water bottles are also available for extreme climates and the winter months. Specialty Camelbacks are also used by the United States military to keep the men of the armed forces properly and safely hydrated.

Camelback also makes non-wearable models for those who do not require their hands to be free. There is even a leak-proof kids Camelback water bottle that is perfect for on the go and preventing frequent spills in the car or elsewhere. Kids will love the fun styling and easy use, and parents will enjoy less cleanup.

You can purchase your new Camelback from any of the following online retailers: REI, Summit Hut, Rock Creek, Back Country, Moosejaw, Campmor, Dick’s, Travel Country, eBags, or Bass Pro Shops. A Camelback can cost from around eight dollars to upwards of 150 dollars depending on the model you choose. The traditional water bottles are the most inexpensive option, while the hands-free packs, though rather expensive, are a good investment for serious athletes or outdoor enthusiasts.

Drinking water is essential for a healthy body, and a recent study at Pepperdine University has found that participants drank significantly more water when they used a Camelback than other types of water bottles. Purchasing a Camelback water bottle may be just what your body needs for a healthier hydrated state.